Float Glass

Float Glass is popular choice of glass due to being incredibly cost-effective, durable and highly resistant against scratches.
Glass windows and doors on a large house

Float Glass is a smooth, clear, undistorted glass. It is commonly used in a range of window and door applications and can also be utilised in shelves, splashbacks, table tops, mirrors, glass panels and other furniture and decoration products.

At Coastal Glass we offer a complete range of Float Glass products from 2mm to 25mm thick. Which means we have the perfect float glass solution for a variety of applications. Depending on its use, Float Glass can toughened or laminated for further safety.

Our four key Float Glass products include:

Clear Float Glass – This is transparent and offers a high visible light transmittance. We offer clear float in bulk form or sell it cut-to-size. For additional safety and security, clear float is also available in laminated and toughened form.

Tinted Float Glass - Tinted Float Glass is produced by adding a colourant during the Float Glass production process. The most common colours used are grey, bronze, green and blue. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, Tinted Float Glass is often used in properties to reduce cooling costs as the tint is designed to reduce solar heat gain and glare.

Out Tinted Glass is available from 4mm up to 10mm in thickness. Tinted Glass is popularly used in glazing of commercial buildings, schools, shopping centres, as well as in domestic homes.

Clear float glassGlass bannister
Glass balcony on a modern houseArchitectural glass windows and doors

Toughened Float Glass – Also known as tempered glass or safety glass, Toughened Glass can be up to five times stronger than standard glass. If broken, Toughened Glass offers a ‘safe’ fracture. Toughened Glass breaks into smaller chunks of glass, rather than large, sharp shards.

Once the glass has been manufactured and then toughened it is not possible for it to be re-cut or have any extra holes drilled as it will shatter. It must be cut to the appropriate size before the toughening process.

Toughened Glass is ideal for glazing doors, low level glazing, table tops, balustrades and glass display cabinets, counters and shelves.

Laminated Float Glass – Laminated Float Glass is ideal for shopfronts, balcony panels, Stair treads, glass floors, water tanks and observation windows for swimming pools. It is available in a variety of thicknesses depending on your requirements and where the glass is being used.

Laminated Glass if broken will be held together by the interlayer, which will prevent sharp shards of glass causing injury. The laminated layers also offer increased strength and durability.

Coastal Glass supply bespoke cut pieces of Float Glass and it is also available in bulk. Contact us today for further information.