Fire Rated Glass

Coastal Glass stock and install wide variety of fire rated glass in the UK, Sussex, West Kent, East Hampshire, Brighton and Eastbourne
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What is Fire Rated Glass?

Fire rated glass (otherwise known as fire-resistant glass or fire-protective glass), is a type of glass that has been specifically designed to withstand exposure to fires and high temperatures. It has a higher melting point than regular glass, meaning it can withstand high levels of heat for longer periods of time.

Protection Offered by Fire Rated Glass

The level of protection provided by fire rated glass is dependent upon the type of glass. In general though this type of glass provides enhanced protection against fire.

The integrity of the glass represents the level of protection provided and this refers directly to the ability of the glass to remain in its frame when exposed to fire for certain periods of time.

Insulation is a common variable in types of fire rated glass and this indicates the ability of the glazing to keep cool on the side that is not exposed to the fire.

Subject to rigorous testing and certification, fire rated glass always meets specific fire resistance standards, and is installed in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and local building regulations.

Suppliers and Installers of Fire Rated Glass

Coastal Glass supply and install fire rated glass for a wide range of customers, from architects to contractors, across the South East. We ensure your glass provides the highest levels of protection and security, carefully sourcing our glass  from leading manufacturers.

We understand that identifying the right type of glass for your project can be challenging, our team will be on-hand to provide helpful advice and guidance.

The Importance of Fire Rated Glass

Whilst regular glass and fire rated glass essentially look the same, regular glass offers no protection against fire and does not hold an official Fire Protection Rating. This can lead to buildings not being compliant with building regulations on fireproof glass.

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