Double Glazed Sealed Units

All of our units are made-to-measure to your specifications and suitable for both windows and doors. They can be used to replace smashed or broken down existing units with the added benefit of retaining the existing style.
Sealed unit windows on a brick house

What is a Sealed Unit?

A sealed unit refers to the glazed element of a window which sits within the frame. This unit is typically constructed of 2 or 3 panes of glass (double or triple glazing) and these panes are separated by a gas-filled or vacuum pocket of air.

It is this area between the glass panes that gives the sealed unit its ability to reduce the transfer of heat and achieve exceptional insulation. Argon is the most commonly used gas to provide this insulation.

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Double glazed sealed units
Rounded glass panels

Sealed Unit Suppliers & Installers

A popular choice for many of our customers, the main benefit offered by a sealed unit is their ability to keep your property cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months.

Coastal Glass are suppliers and installers of both double and triple glazed sealed units. We have a full range of units with glass from both Pilkington and Saint Gobain, all complying with British Standards BS EN1279.

Timber Double Glazed Units

We specialise in slimline double glazed units which are designed for timber windows in heritage properties where traditional double glazed units are too bulky.

These units can either be supplied and  glazed to new timber frames/sashes, or we can offer a ‘hack out and re-glaze’ service where we deglaze the single glazing and re-glaze using our slimline sealed units. This process retains the traditional appearance whilst gaining modern features that include a reduction in heat loss and noise loss.

To further improve the appearance we can offer these units with restoration glass which has some bubbles and distortion to look as close to traditional glass as possible.

Coastal Glass

To discuss our range of sealed units, or for advice on any of our other products, please contact the Coastal Glass team on 01323 411028.

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